The terms and conditions for the provision of our services

  1. You need to contact us either by WhatsApp, Telegram, email or by filling out the form on the website;
  2. You need to set a order for us and describe what you need;
  3. We usually respond to your request within 10 minutes;
  4. We offer you a variant of a particular service with specific and fixed prices;
  5. You either agree or we adjust our offer;
  6. After your consent, we will send you an electronic invoice detailing all services;
  7. To the invoice, we attach a link for a payment or prepayment of our services by your bank card;
  8. After payment, you will automatically receive a receipt for the payment made;
  9. We tell you all the contacts, for example the name and phone number of your guide and driver;
  10. At your request and if we can, after payment we can make adjustments to your order;
  11. If you want to cancel a paid service, we will do our best to get your money back;
  12. On the appointed day and hour, your guide will meet you at the hotel entrance or at the agreed meeting point;
  13. While receiving service from us, we help with tickets, restaurants, hotels and shops;
  14. Regardless of whether you are our client or not, we answer all questions free of charge;
  15. As the program progresses, we adapt to you, the weather and other circumstances;
  16. We do our best to make you as happy as possible with our service;
  17. After providing services, we ask you to leave feedback on Google Maps for potential customers.

How to use the website

  1. All information on the site is copyrighted and cannot be copied under any circumstances;
  2. The content of the site has a recommendatory and indicative format;
  3. We do not place advertisements and other third-party resources on our site;
  4. We are not responsible for the content of sites that we link to on our site;
  5. We are happy to have you link to our site and if you share links on social media.

Please, for more information, you can contact us by writing your question.