Windsor Castle Private Tour

Windsor Castle Tour

Windsor Castle Private Tour. The largest and the oldest living castle in the world.

Windsor Castle Tour private tour is the first out-of-town excursion that you simply must take after seeing the main things in London. Windsor is the largest and oldest residential castle in the world where the Monarchs of Great Britain still live.

How will Windsor Castle surprise you?

  • Luxury castle interiors
  • The world's largest dollhouse
  • Hall of the Order of the Garter, England's highest honor
  • The collection of antiques of the Monarchs themselves
  • Collection of paintings and dishes of the Monarchs
  • The main banquet hall of the Monarchs
  • The bullet that killed Nelson
  • The most famous portrait of Henry VIII
  • Changing of the Guard

The castle is located in the city of the same name, a walk through which will also not leave you indifferent, you will see the Royal Swans on the Thames, and the most famous school for boys is Eton College.

We are pleased to offer you two options for excursions to Windsor Castle. From central London, the journey takes about an hour.

Windsor Castle Private Tour with no guide

The fact is that inside the castle itself, guides are forbidden to conduct excursions, even licensed ones. Here we are talking about the Monarchs' apartments themselves, where you can walk only with audio guides, which are included in the ticket price and are in different languages.

We are ready to buy you tickets in advance, so that you would enter the castle in a very short queue, our driver will meet you with a sign at the hotel, take you to the castle, drop you off right at the entrance and after 2 hours will pick you up and return to London.

This option is ideal for efficient spending of the tourist budget.

The cost of the trip to Windsor Castle without a guide, with a driver only £200.00 plus entrance fees for you.

Windsor Castle Private Tour with tour guide

Despite the ban on tours inside the castle itself, the guide will be able to tell a unique story about the castle itself and about the Royal Family on the way to Windsor. And upon arrival, go with you to the territory of the castle itself, and then walk through the city itself.
We will also buy tickets for you in advance to skip the main queue.

This option is ideal for a comfortable excursion.

The cost of a guided trip to Windsor Castle is £400.00 plus entrance fees for you.

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