Victoria and Albert Museum Private Tour

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum Tour. The largest museum of decorative arts.

Victoria and Albert Museum Private Tour. The largest and most famous museum of applied arts in the world. It was opened after the first world exhibition in Hyde Park in 1851. Collected a huge number of design and interiors, sculptures and jewelry.

What's the most interesting about Victoria and Albert?

  • The building of the museum itself is a work of art
  • 4 huge paintings by Raphael
  • Famous Shakespeare Bed
  • Two halls of copies of sculptures from around the world
  • Copy of David Michelangelo and Donatello
  • Collection of silver and jewelry

The museum is so beautiful that its building is often rented for social and global events. It is divided into countries and over the centuries, which makes it a unique journey through the world and through history.

Victoria and Albert Museum Private Tour

Due to the size and number of rooms and exhibits, a guided visit to the museum covers an overview of the main objects of the museum and takes 2.5 hours. You will learn a lot about interiors, sculpture and get new ideas on how to transform your own home.

In a minute, by filling out the form below, you can independently book an excursion to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The tour costs £210.00. The entrance is free for everyone.

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