Tower of London private tour

Tower of London Tour

Tower of London Private Tour can be said to be a must for all London tourists.

What is the Tower famous for?

  • One of the most famous prisons in the world
  • Tower Raven habitat
  • The oldest stone building in London
  • Royal Treasury
  • The world's largest diamond at 530 carats

The Tower was founded in 1066. Many monarchs, archbishops, and to this day the famous keepers of the castle - the Beefeaters live in the castle. Mint, torture chamber and burial site of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, two executed wives of Henry VIII. The Tower is located on the embankment of the Thames and from its walls offers a magnificent view of Tower Bridge and the skyline of London.

The tour will be ideal for children and absolutely all visitors.

Tower of London Private Tour

The guide can pick you up from your hotel or, ideally, if you arrive to the castle yourself, and meet the guide directly at Tower Castle, more precisely at the group ticket offices. After that, the guide, using the tickets previously purchased for you, will take you in a short line inside the castle. There you will see all the most important sights of the Tower itself, visit its treasury, if you wish, a torture chamber. Meet the crows and the Beefeaters.

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The tour costs £210.00 plus entrance fees for you.

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