St. Paul's Cathedral Private Tour

St. Paul's Cathedral Tour

St. Paul's Cathedral Private Tour. The main UK's cathedral and unique building.

The cathedral amazes with its dome, scale and at the same time, interior comfort. It is the title project of the titular London architect Christopher Wren and, the country's main church.

What is there?

  • Huge size
  • Unique double dome
  • Whisper Gallery
  • Tomb of Admiral Nelson
  • Duke of Wellington's tomb
  • Grave of Christopher Wren
  • Observation deck directly on the dome
  • Awesome Powerful Organ

Many do not know that our church is Anglican and not Catholic. It was in the Cathedral that the wedding of Princess Diana, the funeral of Churchill and Margaret Thatcher took place. It is in St. Pauls' that all important public services take place.

St. Paul's Cathedral Private Tour

An individual excursion is designed to get acquainted with the St. Paul's Cathedral, its history, bombing during the war, the guide will tell you about our main military heroes, buried in the Cathedral. Your unique chance!

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The tour costs £210.00 plus tickets for you.

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