Science Museum Private Tour

Science Museum Tour

Science Museum Tour is ideal for both children of all ages and adults.

Science Museum Private Tour is the best of the best excursions for everyone who loves machines and mechanisms. A whole technical world is collected on five floors of the museum in Kensington. The museum has a real interactive laboratory, cinemas and flight simulators.

What's interesting about the Science Museum?

  • Real rockets and planes in full size;
  • Copy of the Mars rover and the first artificial satellite "Soyuz"
  • Shard of the Moon in a vacuum flask
  • Interactive laboratory
  • Steam engines, sometimes run

An excursion to the Science Museum is not just another trip to the museum, but a completely new approach and look at the processes taking place in our everyday life. For example, where electricity comes from and how Google works.

Science Museum Private Tour

2.5 hours is enough to view the main collection of the museum. You can meet your guide both at the hotel and at the entrance to the museum itself. At your discretion. It is better to visit the museum with a fresh mind at 10:00.

By filling out the form below, you can easily book your excursion to the Science Museum in a minute.

The tour costs £210.00. The entrance is free for everyone. Payment is needed for the laboratory.

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