Natural History Museum Private Tour

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Tour is ideal for both children of all ages and adults.

During the tour, the guide will introduce you to the evolution of our planet in an easy, interactive way. It is one of three museums located in Kensington. 70 million exhibits, including plants, animals and insects, stones, minerals and paleontological remains.

What is interesting about the Museum of Natural History?

  • Dinosaur collection
  • Stunning lobby
  • A collection of meteorites, including Mars and the Moon
  • Stuffed animals of all living things in the history of man
  • The oldest bird, Archeopteryx
  • Its interactivity

The museum was opened in 1881 and was part of the British Museum until 1963. Next to the museum are the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Harrods store is within walking distance if parents, decide to spend time even more efficiently while the children enjoy the museum's exhibits.

Natural History Museum Private Tour

The tour takes an average of 2.5 hours. Since the museum is not located in the center of London, it is better if the meeting point is near the museum itself, for example, at the entrance to the neighboring hotel HERE. Or, if you wish, a guide will pick you up from your hotel.

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The tour costs £210.00. The entrance is free for everyone.

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