Hampton Court Palace Private Tour

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace Private Tour. Three palaces in one place.

Hampton Court Palace is ready to amaze any tourist from children to executives. In fact, Hampton Court is three palaces in one place, plus gorgeous gardens, a green maze, and all this is steeped in the history of the English Monarchs, and primarily the residence of Henry VIII.

What is the main thing at Hampton Court?

  • Preserved from the time of Henry, and this is 500 years old, the ceremonial hall
  • Chapel with Henry's amazing ceiling
  • Real medieval kitchen, where meat is still being fried on the fireplace
  • Corridor with the ghost of Henry's executed wife
  • Stunning gardens and a maze
  • The world's oldest tennis court
  • The world's longest grape

Henry VIII is the most famous and important monarch in the history of Great Britain. He is associated with a divorce from the Catholic Church. It was he who had 6 wives and two he executed. A unique tour recommended by us!

We are pleased to offer you two options for private tours to Hampton Court Palace. It takes about an hour from central London. You can order both options yourself by filling out a simple form at the bottom of the page.

Hampton Court Palace private tour with no guide

If your budget is limited or you just want some privacy, then we are happy to offer you an efficient trip to Hampton Court without a guide, but in the company of a driver who will bring you to the palace, wait there for 2 hours and return you back to your London hotel.

In this case, your costs will be £200.00 for a car with driver for 4 hours plus tickets to the palace, which we will buy for you in advance to skip the line inside.

Hampton Court Palace private tour with tour guide

We invite you to discover the pearl of the palace with our professional guides, who will not only tell you about the ghost of Katherine Howard, but also show you it.

This pleasure will cost you £400.00 plus tickets.

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