British Museum Private Tour

British Museum Tour

British Museum Private Tour. One of the five "must visit" places in London.

The most visited museum in the UK. A must for any tourist's program. A stunning collection of the entire planet.

What is the British Museum famous for?

  • 8.5 million objects
  • The second largest collection of mummies after Egypt
  • Rosette Stone, which translated all hieroglyphs
  • Friezes of the Parthenon
  • Foster ceiling
  • Crystal skull

Due to the huge number of exhibits, excursions in the British Museum are mainly sightseeing tours of the building itself and the most important objects of the museum, with a story about the history of the museum. Excursions are easy and interesting

British Museum Private Tour

The ideal option for visiting the British Museum is with a private professional guide. It is in this case that you will be as effective and informative as possible, usefully spend your time. The museum is so interesting that you will certainly have many questions, to which, in the process of an individual excursion, you will receive comprehensive answers.

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The tour costs £210.00. The entrance is free for everyone.

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