Taxi in London

Taxi in London

Taxi in London. Cab bookings, cost and benefits.

The most convenient way to get around London is the famous London cabs. This is the only car in the world that is produced exclusively as a taxi. This is due to the fact that the roads in London are narrow and the turning radius of conventional cars is simply not enough. Cab wheels are turned almost 90 degrees. Another aspect is the taxi drivers' city knowledge test. Taxi drivers know the name of all London streets, all attractions, hotels, theatres and major shops. Taxis are allowed to drive on a dedicated lane, which helps to avoid traffic jams. If the sign "TAXI" is lit on top of the taxi, then you can raise your hand and the taxi driver will stop right in front of you. The taxi is designed for 6 passengers, where passengers sit in three in two rows opposite each other. Luggage will include no more than 3 suitcases. You can pay by card. Prices from Heathrow average £85.00 or £130.00 from Gatwick. Around the city, approximately £20.00 per trip in 15 minutes.

If you travel short distances, then a taxi is an ideal solution, if you prefer a more comfortable and at the same time less expensive Mercedes, then please order transfers from us.

Pictured above is the latest London taxi. The car, by the way, is completely electric.

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