Hotels in London

Hotels in London

Hotels in London. How to make the right choice.

One of the main questions - where you plan to stay. You have two options: either from someone you know or in hotels or similar places. The easiest way is to book a hotel on

When choosing a hotel, pay attention to:

  1. The combination of price and quality in all cases of accommodation will be worse than all your expectations;
  2. The location of the hotel. It should almost always be no more than 30 minutes walk from Big Ben. Better to choose a worse hotel, but closer. Take Big Ben as a centre of London. If you look at Google Maps, you will see a ring in the centre. We do not recommend hotels outside it. If this circle is divided in half, then the left sector is the ideal location of the hotel. Specifically by area from best to worst: Mayfair, St. James's, around St. James's Park, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Waterloo, Pimlico, Fitzrovia;
  3. Average cost for a double room in hotels of 5 stars £700.00, 4 stars £300.00, 3 - £170.00, 2 - £80.00;
  4. Breakfast. We consider it an important point. If it is included in the room rate, then it saves time, since you do not need to go anywhere;
  5. Reviews of tourists. After the above points, read the reviews about the hotel you are planning to book;
  6. Children in terms of accommodation are up to 12 years old. In terms of independence: 16 - 18 years old. That is, a child can live in a room without adults from 16 to 18 years old, but if you rent a Family Room, then if your children are over 12 years old, you will most likely not be allowed in.

Recommended hotels:

Apartments in the UK are usually more expensive than hotels:

There is a slight risk that you will spend the night on the street if you find accommodation on the site 

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